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Presenting YOU my friend a page of food from different parts of the world. All of you may or may not know, but I'm an ethnic food fanatic! Being born and raised in Los Angeles (a city of many different cultures) my palette is accustomed to all sorts of texture, tastes, color, everything. I'm blessed to have grown up with that. Ethnic food is my preference when I'm dining out. I tend to compare a lot of food to Mexican cuisine because it is my ultimate favorite. 

They call these pancakes in Turkey. You have many options on what you would like to put in them. Typically, cilantro, chicken, beef, and cheese. Fresh thin tortilla-like and wrap all the fixings up like a burrito.


Now this is a chicken dish with a bit of stew in it. Quite like a beef stew, so to speak.

*Hands down* for the pide! This is the infamous Turkish pide. A must-eat.

More chicken with flatbread and a large chile on top.

Homemade Turkish food while staying overnight with a local family.

Turkish tea from the family

Turkish breakfast from the family. The bread you see tastes similar to an American french toast.

The infamous Baklava. Too sweet for my cup of tea but still a must-eat, at least one, when you travel to Turkey. 

Seafood galore. If you are nearby a harbor town such as Kas then you'll find at least one restaurant that serves seafood. This dish is a mixture of calamari and camarons....err I mean shrimp in English. This particular is from Smiley's in Kas.

This is called Shish.

This is bread. Don't worry it deflates. I wanted to take a picture with the knife in it for laughs.

My last dinner in Turkey. More shish. And I've forgotten to take pictures of the local beer called Efes and the very strong drink called Raki. Gives me another excuse to head back to Turkey!