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Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Back in 2008 my sister and I embarked on an overseas trip. This was my first trip overseas since 1995 I believe. I have not touched international soil for more than 10 years so the excitement of booking this trip. Even so coastal parts of Mexico have become widely populated with resort towns I was still curious at that time to see what the fuss was about. 

Cabo San Lucas is definitely a resort town! I have never seen so many gringos in one area. Growing up in a barrio I can easily say my hometown was more Mexico than Cabo was. I must admit I was disappointed and both sadden to see how coastal Mexico was brought out by wealthy Westerners to build new timeshares, condos, and resort towns such as this one. I understand this brings in much financial fortunes to the Mexican government but in many ways it has also ruined the Mexican culture and traditions. Every corner I looked I would see builders and construction anywhere from flat lands to the hills, close to the ocean.

There are still remains tiny portions of the real Mexico but you must walk away from the resorts to explore it and basically follow the locals. Even so finding a carne asada taco dish for lunch was a task. I was amazed one restaurant we went to outside of the resort town did not serve this authentic dish. Luckily the nice waiter told the chef to specially make it for us. 

My next trip back to Mexico will be away from resorts!!! If you want the real feeling of Mexico I urge you to stay away from resorts- they are bad news. Now I know. Mind you I was a rookie when I booked this trip.